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Kids are amazing aren’t they?  Such polite, well mannered, saying “thank you, Ma’am, Yes sir,” do what they are told…..what? Are you calling me crazy?  I know what you are thinking. Kids don’t act like that, right?  Is it impossible?  Well,I’m not saying It won’t be difficult, but if given the right discipline and instruction as young children, they are able to grow and develop into wonderful young men and women later on.

Happy kids start with a happy marriage: Do you enjoy listening to your kids fighting with eachother? Of course not! It makes your eardrums bleed and the hair on your skin stand up. The screaming, crying, name calling just makes you want to grab the nearest…ok, lets not get too dramatic, but kids feel the exact same way we do when they hear their parents fighting. They hate it! It makes them depressed and lonely. Kids really need a stable family life to feel secure and comfortable at home.

Sit at the dinner table: This is one of the best times to bond as a family. Kids get to talk about their day in school, how they are feeling and talk about whatever problems they are having. Take advantage of this opportunity to listen to your child, whether they are happy or upset.  They need to know that Mom and Dad care what they have to say and it makes them feel secure that they can confide in someone they trust. Kids love the attention, and dinner time is one of the best times for it!

Watch what they eat: If your kids just love gulping down those soft drinks, pouring  pounds of maple syrup on their pancakes and chowing three doughnuts in one sitting….nip it in the bud, now.  If you think I am exaggerating on what I just said, I have actually seen a few kids in my day literally eat like that on a daily basis. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup is very bad for your kids health and can cause them problems such as diabetes later on in life.  the younger you teach your kids good eating habits, the easier it will be on their health when they are adults.  A healthy kid is a happy kid!

Turn off the tube: Yes, that’s right…..turn it off. I know its hard to do when you need to get something done and plopping them in front the the big colorful machine would be  an easy thing to do.  Unfortunately, studies have shown that too much television can lead to learning and behavioral problems.  Bring out the coloring books and crayons instead and let their imaginations go wild!

Be wary of who they befriend:  Children, especially younger ones, are easily influenced by watching how other children act.  If your child is around rough-housing bad mouthed kids, your own child will think its OK to act that way.  Make sure when your young ones are around others, they are safe from bad influences and teach them early on that acting inappropriately is not right. Plus, teaching them on what types of kids to hang around with in their younger years will give them a better understanding on how to  choose the right friends when they get older.

Get them involved in extracurricular activities: My daughter is very exited to start soccer next year.  She is full of energy and very athletic so getting her involved in a sport would be ideal for her. Know you r child’s personality before getting them involved in something. If your little one loves instruction and seems patient when learning a new task, dance or music lessons would be a great starting point. If your child is hyper and loves to run around and can’t sit still, you may want to try a sport instead. either way, its a great way to make them feel like they can accomplish something.

Be a good role model:  Yep, your kids are watching you like a hawk,  and learning everything you do. They watch how you talk to people and treat others,  how you respond in certain stressful situations,  and yes, they even hear you on the phone gossiping to your friends about someone else. Little children have ears and eyes….  THEY ARE WATCHING YOU.  Be a good example, by showing them respect and patience. Even little things such as saying “thank you” to someone, or opening the door for that little old lady with a cane.  How your children behave is a reflection of how you raise them.


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It’s Mother’s day, and some Dad’s are going out getting their wives the usual flowers and balloons for their special day. I mean, that’s great, but we, the mothers of this world might be asking for something a little different than just the supermarket gifts.  My husband took my three year old daughter off my hands for a little while this morning and went to the park  so I could relax for a couple of hours.  (of course I had my one year old son with me but he’s pretty good for a quiet baby loi!)

If you are wondering what other secret wishes your wife (or even your own mom) might want for their special day, I came up with a few ideas.

1. Do the dishes, laundry and any other daily house work that might come to mind. I know it’s a bit of a push for Dads who work 9 to 5 and bring home the bacon, but understand, mother’s have a full time job too; Raising little human beings.  Getting any house work done is a challenge alone for them, so helping out with the chores for one day would be a HUGE help!

2. Take the kids out for a few hours. Every mother can only imagine what it must must sound like to have a quiet house.  Its been a while since we’ve heard any crickets chirping, so why not take the kiddos somewhere for a bit while letting mommy chill out with a hot bath or read a good book.

3.  Let Mommy sleep in.  If the kids get up early, that means dad gets up early.  Get the screaming, hungry little monsters dressed, breakfast and outside to play so mommy can have an extra hour or two of happy dreaming.

4. Make a homemade gift with the kids.  It may sound a little tacky for some Dads, but getting something made from the hearts of her little children (with dad’s help, of course) makes it all worth while.  I always keep my daughters pictures that she draws for me in a keepsake box so getting a handmade gift would be saved as a precious memory.

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It’s a pretty strange experience. We get into a comfortable 9 to 5 routine in the working class society, not giving it a second thought.  Its just what everybody does….we work for a living.  Then you suddenly find yourself in the mist of motherhood and everything changes.  This tiny little bundle of joy wants YOU….morning, noon, and night. You are the one he wants feeding him, holding him and rocking him to sleep.  Welcome to your new life. Yes, you thought you prepared for it over the last nine months but now this little person is here, and reality sinks in.

That’s how I felt three years ago when my daughter was born.  I was so used to working everyday, living my own life and doing my own thing.  Now I am home with someone dependent on me to take care of her.  I have thought about going back to work, or to school to finish my degree, and actually managed to study for two years at community college, but when my son was born last year it started to become more of a challenge. Some people may think being a stay home mother is taking the lazy way out.  They vision us sitting home watching soap operas and maybe….just maybe, getting a little housecleaning done. Some actual mothers out there may think they made the wrong choice and feel they aren’t useful in society anymore.  They fear a nervous breakdown when the kids are screaming, the house is a disaster and dread the thought of someone ringing the doorbell at any moment!

I have felt many times that you need a college degree or a profession to be somebody in today’s society, but what I have discovered is that even though I don’t have a typical career like most working individuals, I am responsible for two human lives that will need to succeed on their own someday.  A stay at home mother is not someone who is just  “watching the kids,”  we are several important people molded into one.

A Stay At Home Mother Really Is…

A NURSE: How my heart breaks when I see my little ones crying over a “boo boo!”  Sometimes it may be a little scrape or it may be as big as a broken bone. It may even be an unexpected high fever and a night of coughing and Tylenol, but rest assured your sick little angels will feel  much better knowing that mommy is taking care of them!  Luckily I haven’t had the opportunity to deal with any major catastrophes….yet, but I know they may burst upon me at any given moment.  I will, of course prepare myself for the worst…shall the worst ever come (I hope not!) But all mothers will be there to help their babies through these painful moments.

A TEACHER: It amazes me how much children learn before they are even old enough to attend school.  We teach them how to clap,  sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” brush their hair, tie their shoes, and even dress themselves.  Of course we can’t forget the ever loving job of potty training!  Kids love to learn and it builds their self esteem when they finally “figured it out!” Of course it makes me proud to know that I taught them how to do it.

A DISCIPLINARIAN: This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn as a new mother. In this crazy world, children need to be directed down the right path. If we are not there to show them right from wrong, they will figure it out themselves…the hard way. Parents these days are becoming more afraid to discipline and instead, choosing to be their “friend” rather than a parent.  If you keep giving him what he wants he is going to expect you to give in every time. Your child knows he will get his way, and he will end up losing his respect for you.  Truth be told, children need, and actually WANT discipline!  They may hate it now but trust me, your kids will thank you for it in the future!

A LEADER: This should pretty much  go hand in hand with disciplinarian, but I will say that being a leader for your children is the most rewarding “task” you will ever have in your full time mothering career. Its our job to guide them into adulthood and let become who you molded them to be.  I can’t wait to see my children choose their career path, or get married and have children of their own.  Knowing they made the right decisions in their life because of how we raised them is an awesome feeling. Sure, they will make their mistakes, but learning from those mistakes with a good heart and self confidence will take them far.

In Conclusion…

Kids love the idea of spending time with mommy, and the thought of someone else raising my children just so I can have a job doesn’t feel right to me.  They are my kids and it is my responsibility to make sure they are getting the best out of life.  I love knowing that as a stay home mom, can provide everything they need from me.

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